Transformational Coaching Deep Dive (90 minutes)

by Michael Locasto


“Dissolve the limited conditioned ego-identity to uncover and discover the infinite one.” – ML

Welcome to Inner Transformational Coaching Deep Dive. These sessions are designed to illuminate the self-limiting beliefs, patterns, and habits impacting your performance, well-being, and inner peace. This is the deep inner work that will guide you back to the Limitless Self where pure possibility exists.

What you will receive in a deep dive coaching call:
  • 90-min personalized zoom call (option for in-person)
  • A safe space for deep transformational work
  • Personalized energy read / 2-3 tools to shift your energy
What are deep dive coaching sessions?

Welcome to Deep Dive Coaching sessions. These sessions are offered for those that are ready to do the deep inner work for lasting transformation and true liberation.

Neuroscience now shows that upwards of 95% of our behavior is stored in our subconscious mind—our body. That is the majority of our mental, emotional, and behavioral activity is already trained.

To truly be free one must be willingly to look at all the places that are in the way of experiencing freedom all the time. Together we will create a safe space to identify & shift mental, emotional and energetic blockages within you.

This is an inside job and together we will shine a light on the blind spots. Everything you could ever desire is already inside of you. Your greatest invitation from life is in realizing this truth.

My gift is in guiding you back to the truth of who you are. It is my deepest honor to offer this coaching as I know firsthand the transformative power of this work.